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9418 Django djangoproject A high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design. Tweets by Django Software Foundation and @jezdez 71608 34 Web
11818 Daniel Roy Greenfeld pydanny Co-Author Two Scoops of Django (http://bit.ly/2q84wPu), open source coder, husband of @audreyr, former NASA coder, https://www.patreon.com/danielroygreenfeld 13509 935 Los Angeles, CA
6183 Andrew Godwin andrewgodwin Django core developer, engineer @eventbrite, public speaker, private pilot, archer, general gatherer of hobbies, and misplaced Brit. He/him. 🏳️‍🌈🐉 8609 338 San Francisco, CA, USA
4525 Audrey Roy Greenfeld audreyr Creator of Python/JS/CSS open-source libraries. Coauthor of Two Scoops of Django. Married to @pydanny. Painter, sculptor, artist. MIT EECS 2005 7583 1734 Los Angeles, CA
11782 django CMS djangocms LTS Enterprise Content Management with Django, the open-source CMS used by thousands of websites since 2007. 4969 782 Zürich
12001 Torchbox torchbox Digital agency helping charities and NGOs make a difference. #UX #Design #Drupal #Django @WagtailCMS. Currently hiring talented people http://torchbox.com/jobs 3278 1296 Oxford, Bristol & Philly
3077 Brian Rosner brosner Dad. Husband. Chief Architect at @eldarion. Python. Django. @pinaxproject. Go. Kubernetes. @ProjectKel. Vue.js 3231 174 Denver, CO
3580 ✨ Trey Hunner 🐍 treyhunner Python & Django team trainer🎓 @PythonChat host💖 Director at @ThePSF🐍 Part of @DjangoGirlsSD, @UnicodeParty, @EditorConfig👥 Thought follower 🤔 #pythonoddity 2789 461 San Diego, CA
12658 Honza Král HonzaKral Django developer and enthusiast. Python developer for Elasticsearch. 2785 743 Prague
13129 Frank Wiles fwiles Open Source Consultant specializing in scaling and performance. President and Founder of @revsys and President of the Django Software Foundation 2520 1652 Lawrence, KS
245 Djangojobs.Net djangojobsnet We are hiring! looking for better python job? Python Django Jobs career opportunities , post python django job 2417 1815 London,New York
3482 Len Dierickx astuanax #InformationArchitect, works a lot with #django, foodie and #design lover, sometimes in that order, sometimes not. 2367 2007 Luxembourg
14833 Julia Elman 🐼 juliaelman Director of Design @zapier. Previously @18F, @caktusgroup. Co-author of Lightweight Django. WERK MAMA. 2264 308 North Carolina
4862 Revolution Systems revsys A consultancy specializing in building and scaling Python, Django, PostgreSQL, and related Open Source technologies. 2250 497 Lawrence, KS
6449 Jesús Hdez. Gormaz JHG_ Developer Elixir C Java Python PHP Javascript Erlang Bash Android GNU/Linux Web Phoenix Django Free software (freedom) admin network & system 2096 1069 Europe, The Earth
9470 Django Stars djangostars We are a top #agile software development company in Europe: #Python, #Django, #Nodejs, #AngularJS, #iOS, #Android. See our reviews on https://clutch.co/profile/django-stars#reviews 2045 2512 Ukraine, Kiev
1938 CalvinHP calvinhp Family, CTO, @sixfeetup, @Plone Foundation Member, Django Developer, Open Source Advocate, Active Local Entrepreneur 1931 2319 Fishers, IN
2282 Wagtail WagtailCMS Wagtail is a beautiful open source CMS built on the Django framework by @torchbox and friends. Join the community at https://wagtail.io/developers 1865 291 United Kingdom
1181 Eduardo Lucas CariocaBotafogo #PRINCE2 Foundation certified. #MBA on #Project Management #FGV Brazil. #PRINCE2 & #PMBOK. #Python & #Django enthusiast. 1854 3161 Salvador, Bahia
11832 Tom Brander dartdog An Authorized Google Apps Reseller, Open Software, Python, Django, Data Analysis, IT and Real Estate Consulting, Also at http://google.com/+TomBrander 1684 1972 Birmingham, AL
3685 Under the Hood DjangoUnderHood Django: Under the Hood is a technical Django conference for experienced developers. 1563 58 Amsterdam
6613 Jean-Michel ARMAND mrjmad Geek, linuxien, fan de django, dévoreur de bouquins, joueur de MMORPG, entrepreneur avec 3 autres geeks, parfois commercial malgré lui 1438 1544 Marseille
13511 Jamie Matthews j4mie Web engineer (mostly). Python, Django, etc. Also: music, photography, plant-based food, science. Chief geek at @dabapps, guitarist at @faxftf, opinions my own. 1418 1422 Brighton, UK
6681 Caktus Group CaktusGroup Growing sharp web apps for business, higher ed, and social good since 2007. Our Agile teams focus on impact. Specialities: #Django #Python, #AWS, #RapidSMS. 1403 322 Durham, NC
12760 Kevin Fricovsky montylounge Co-founder @asburyagile, @hackingasbury, Django-NYC, and Jersey Shore Tech. doodler, Django, product. 1394 1485 NJ
4278 Miguel Ángel Moreno emigue IT engineer. Django and Python developer at @EburyEs. Improving applications. Fintech 1329 2050 Málaga, Spain
853 djangoweekly thedjangoweekly Django Weekly Newsletter. http://djangoweekly.com 1174 203 Worldwide
1247 Anna Makarudze amakarudze Full Stack Python developer, Django Girls Foundation, PyConZim, PyLadies Harare, DSF Director, DSF CoC, Christian. 1080 1093 Harare, Zimbabwe
2148 Joel Burton wjoelburton Software dev & feminist educator. Python, Django, photog, queer/abortion activist, tea, cats, Linux, & sex ed @SFSI. He/him. Resisting. 1065 1159 San Francisco
2624 Hamza Khchine Khchine A Pythonic freelance developer, Core developer @ lino-framework (@Django, @Sencha),@Djangocms addict, @Odoo developer. [EN/FR]. 1008 2877 World citizen
10228 Roger Fernandez emencia Emencia CEO. Topics : Responsive Web Design, Foundation, Python, Django, CMS, E-commerce, Hosting, Nginx, Debian, HTML5, Docker, Angular, React 992 1666 Paris
12335 Arnaud Limbourg arnaudlimbourg Co Founder & CTO @ferpection writing Django & React 989 186 Paris
9262 rupertbaker rupertbaker Mostly tech, fitness & cycling | Founder & now NED @teamup, starting new co | Eng. @bristoluni @UTaustin & still learning @udacity | Python/Django 978 2596 London
10388 Edgar Alejandro eavinti Ingeniero en Sistemas @uazuay #python #django #js 920 342 Cuenca ♥️, ahora Quito
13372 Elena Williams elequ django developer, python/free software advocate, kiteboarder, snowboarder, navigation sports, maker, all-round geek. ANU & person behind http://guild.house 893 423 (current) Eastern Australia
12694 Julien Phalip julienphalip Django Core Committer, Web Engineer, Interaction Designer & Data Scientist. Cloud Solutions Architect at Google. Co-Founder of @_theIC_. 892 127 San Francisco, CA
6781 Cody Soyland codysoyland Engineering at Pilosa, Austin Golang meetup organizer. Formerly: Umbel, Mediaphormedia, Absorbent Ink, and Atipa. Like: Django, Python, bikes, beer, and guitars 819 646 Austin, TX
13593 Tobias McNulty TobiasMcNulty Entrepreneur, technical thinker, and CEO at @CaktusGroup, the premiere Django web and mobile software development company focusing on health and education. 787 580 Baltimore, MD
5459 Serdar Dalgıç serdaroncode Turkish wannabe immigrant in Berlin, tweets on code, programming, free software, engineering, python, django etc.. Parttime revolutionary. 784 1103 Berlin
9826 Markus Zapke keimlink Python, Django and JavaScript. @transcode_de owner. @CodeforLeipzig lab lead for @codeforde. @djangode board member. header photo: https://flic.kr/p/avy1im 760 173 Leipzig, Germany
12524 Luke Plant spookylukey Christian and Django core developer. 741 140 Bradford, UK
1992 {{ Matt }} mattwritescode Python programmer, Django developer, SQL slayer, Bath inhabitor. Codes at https://github.com/mattseymour 687 178 England
12997 Vitaly Babiy vitaly_babiy Developer using Python, Django, Javascript, Android. 680 719 Charlotte, NC
14366 pmac🔥🦊 pmclanahan Backend Webdev @Mozilla (Python & Django) working on http://www.mozilla.org 652 1382 Atlanta, GA
10118 Vasyl Dizhak rootart Python/Django developer, Project lead in DjangoStars, Search Technology enthusiast 646 1652 Zurich, Switzerland
943 Joaquin focojoaco Random Python code with Django batteries. Sometimes I play 🕹🎸🍺. Engineer by nature. 637 1459 Argentina & Spain
13413 Glenn “Like, Really Smart” Siegman gsiegman Software architect/engineer (mostly Python/Django). I also play video games and drink wine. 636 702 Phoenix, AZ
12650 Wade Austin k_wade_a I make stuff. Director of Software Development @WeAreCJRW working with Python & Django. Javascript Curious. Ancient Astronaut Theorist. 629 627 Little Rock, AR
5130 Petecode petecode Freelance Python developer, conference speaker, *really* big data, NoSQL, Django | I'd prefer billions of rows to dozens of tables | hacktivism: @wearpants 628 178 ~
14459 Joseph Kocherhans jkocherhans CTO @ The Noun Project. Early contributor to Django. CocoaHead, musician and former linguistics student. 617 310 Los Angeles, CA
4971 Amine Zyad amizya DevOps Engineer, Python/Django Developer, a #Geek passionate about #Business, #Project #Management and #Web #Marketing ! Love meeting people, so come say HI ! 604 1707 Morocco
14153 Nowell Strite nowells Senior Software Engineer @ Opower. Python, Ruby, JavaScript, Django, Rails, Hiker, Kayaker, Dog Lover, Photography. Father and husband above all else. 603 997 VT
14148 cguardia cguardia I do Plone content management applications, web development with Pyramid, Django and other Python technologies. 598 299 Mexico
12439 Marko _mdvornik Politics and technology. 🦁 Django, Meteor, React, Crypto. 596 591 Novo mesto, Slovenia
1796 Matuu Varela matuvarela Ingeniero en Informática. Usuario de software libre y de GNU/Linux! Python &Django developer! Yo soy del 49% 582 960 San Rafael (Mza) - Argentina
4664 ravianthony ravianthony Listen.Take the Best.Leave the Rest.I believe in #Karma.Python and Django enthusiasm. 575 2054 hyderabad
5628 Saad bin Akhlaq Saad_Bin_Akhlaq Software Dev @ Sephora #Webdeveloper, #Python, #Django, #Ruby, #Rails, #Ecommerce 561 1827 Bangalore
8259 Klaus Peter Laube kplaube Desenvolvedor Web, apaixonado por Python, Django, Go e um pouco de Heavy Metal. 560 353 Sao Paulo, Brazil
2129 Frédéric Roland FredericRoland_ Software developer (Python, Django, Kivy). Interested in Marketing automation, Qr-codes, Apps, OBS studio add-ons 556 1821 Ixelles, Bruxelles, Belgique
6390 Nazim Zeeshan n_zee Python/Django coder | Currently building @Eventifier | hobbyist photographer 534 571 Mangalore | Bangalore
1715 rixx rixxtr @shackspace ▪️ Python/Django ▪️ he/him ▪️ DECT 7499 ▪️ Threema MXXPW35P ▪️ PGP E1F56CE6693F9C45▪️Mastodon rocks!, admin of https://chaos.social 532 233 Stuttgart (orig.: Bln)
10773 diegueus9 diegueus9 Python/Django. Bushido. Sex. Food. Sloth. Peevishness. Misanthropy. Pragmatism. Bunbury. Whovian. Go. Gaiman. Trevanian. Poe. Weird. Awkward. 514 273 Bogotá
13669 Marcelo Ramos marcelor Django/Python programmer. SysAdmin. Free/Open Source advocate and user. 509 683 Montevideo, Uruguay
1143 Wildfish WildfishLondon Web App Development Ninjas // 12 years experience working with Startups, Global Brands & Creative Companies // We Bring Ideas to life! #Django #Python #React 491 390 London, UK
12639 Ales Zoulek aleszoulek python, django, whiskey media devops, archlinux, biker and dad 491 412 Prague, Czech republic, Europe
5560 Florian Apolloner fapolloner Student, Django core developer. 480 139
27 Nephila NephilaIt Nephila company creates web applications based on Free and Open Source. We love Django and Python and the community at large. 479 667 Florence / London / Zürich
13688 Ramiro Morales ramiromorales Python, C/C++, Django team member, EFT industry specialist. 474 318 Córdoba, Argentina
13943 Colin Copeland copelco Django developer, @CaktusGroup CTO, @CodeforDurham co-captain 471 820 Durham, NC
13178 Peter Herndon tpherndon Python, Django developer, sys-admin, husband, father of cats. 465 925 New York
8469 Imaginary Landscape iscapechicago Custom Web design & development since 1995. Focused on #Django all day, everyday - we get it right! #Python #codevelopment #Ecommerce #djangoCMS #wagtailCMS #UI 455 253 Chicago, IL
10848 Ben Lopatin bennylope Crafting curated, engaging experiences by leveraging a framework of full stack synergies. Python, Django, whisky, dog. I ❤️ PEP8. @wellfire for biz 448 347 Geneva, NY via RVA & DC
2420 Ramakanth ramakanthd92 Software Developer. Learner, Python, Android, Django, RoR 445 1993 Bangalore
2050 Santosh Purbey santosh_purbey Born to learn and share!!! #Python #Django #IOT #DataScience #MachineLeraning 443 979 Kathmandu, Nepal
10637 askbot7 askbot7 askbot is a django/python question and answer web application 431 1482
4086 DjangoVillage DjangoVillage Conferenza della comunità Django italiana. Tre giorni di workshop, talk e sprint fra djangonauti a Firenze 420 415 Firenze, Toscana
6622 laranea laranea Laranea is a little factory creating juicy software with fresh technologies. iOS, mac, Ruby on Rails, Python, Django and HTML5/CSS3 419 2097 Belgium
10342 王斌 iwangbin Chinese, living in Beijing, build website using python/django. gentoo user, blogger, open source fans. http://www.iwangbin.com/blog/ 413 866 beijing
8071 Karen Tracey km_tracey Django dev, crossword constructor, crazy cat lady. Tweet mostly about crazy cat lady stuff. 411 183 Apex, NC USA
4263 Sivasubramaniam A sivaa_in Hacker, Speaker, Contributor, Python/Django, Java/JEE, Web Dev, Agile, Process Consulting. Middleware/B2B and Storage. Engineer/Developer @ NetApp. 406 543 Berlin, Germany
2054 BeDjango bedjango Looking for Django experts? We are a Django agency for medium and large Web & Mobile projects #Django #Python #OpenEdx 402 514 UK - Switzerland - Spain
3779 Albert O'Connor amjoconn Freelance Django Web Developer. Board member of the @AvocadoCoop. Organizer for @watpy. Started the @UWDJay Cub. Living in #WRAwesome. 400 468 Waterloo, ON
13526 Wayne Moore shroomling Web Developer (Ruby, Python, JavaScript, Rails, Django, OpenWeb, Java, Android, GNU/Linux, Mac OS X), {{ Coffee Addict }} 395 326 London, UK
11066 MFAndreas MFAndreas python, django, NLG, emacs, shackspace, stuttgart 392 666
1180 Rachell Rachell_Calhoun I'm a Django Girls Grand Rapids Organizer, Django dev and overall fun person! she/her 391 478 United States
6088 Carlos A. Rocha sacrac1 Web developers, Django/Python, user GNU/Linux Fedora project :) 388 389 Nicaragua
14427 Andy Dustman farcepest I break the internet. Check out G+ (link). MySQL Python Django security networking git Linux Ubuntu Motorcycles 385 427 Charleston, SC
2849 devsAr devsar_team Web & #MobileApplication Development using, #Python #Django, #GoogleAppEngine, #Android #iOS and other cool technologies 383 653 La Plata, Argentina
14152 joshkersey joshkersey Freelance python/django developer currently available full-time. 379 697 Nolensville, TN, USA
12653 Aidas Bendoraitis DjangoTricks Aidas Bendoraitis on development with Django and Python 🐍 374 503 Berlin, Germany
13715 djangotips djangotips little bits of django goodness in 140 characters or less. and it's all powered by you, the django community. :) dm your tips to @djangotips! 373 391
5042 PyRed7 PyRed7 Python, Django, Arduino, Raspberry PI, Freeswitch. Coworking/Hackerspace/FabLabs 356 1996 Brussels
7747 John Papanastasiou JohnPapps Passionate snowboarding father and metalhead dabbling occasionally in python, django, and Jägermeister 356 1543 Croydon, England
12450 Brian Neal bgneal http://SurfGuitar101.com, surf music, gaming, Python, Dart, Django, C++, Vim. 354 536 NE Iowa
2965 Shashank hegde kns003 Shanka, Fan of Python,Django,Ubuntu & Slack. Currently Backend Lead @stayabode. 353 396 Bengaluru South, India
7733 Rob Saunders Robs_recruiting Recruiting into the IT / Tech arena - primarily in the UK. Strong focus on PHP Python Django and Java with Devops / Linux infrastructure MySQL DBAs 350 1435 Warwickshire, UK
10237 Agiliq agiliqdotcom What does it take to build amazing web applications? Django, Jquery and a lot of love. 348 61 Hyderabad, India
11743 Andy Baker andybak Python, Django, VR, UX and late night rants about topics of which I have only a cursory understanding. http://www.ixxy.co.uk/ , http://galleryghost.com/ 347 361 Brighton
13547 Nick Day nickday Freelance web designer/developer specialising in Django development, based in Manchester & Chester. Formerly of Reading Room and Flame Digital. 345 396 Manchester, Greater Manchester
2226 Luc JEAN luc_apidev Développeur Python, Django, Javascript. 332 816 Rozier-en-Donzy, Rhône-Alpes
9228 Michael Oczak ds0ul Python, Django 330 4750 Poland, Cracow
8209 Chris Jones tehjones Python/Django/Javascript developer @OReillyMedia, hobbyist photographer: http://flickr.com/photos/tehjones, wanna-be snowborder, father, husband. 320 278 Las Vegas, NV
8053 Jean-phi Serafin jeanphix back & front web engineer. Linux, Python, Flask, Django, SqlAlchemy, PostgreSQL, AWS, Rust. https://github.com/jeanphix/ 315 260 Montpellier / London
12873 Gregor Müllegger gregmuellegger Software Engineer and Architect, loving Django & React. I love solving hard problems. Mainly naming things the right way, not so much cache invalidation. 309 214 Germany, Bavaria
2576 Robert Flaugher flaugher Solo #startup founder and investor. Python/Django/PostgreSQL/RWD. Passionate about great UX. 308 1120 Los Angeles
10093 Jordan Reiter jordanreiter Daddy. Husband. @AACE Lead Developer. Python, Django, AWS, Linux, ColdFusion, travel, food, cooking, sci-fi, general geekery. 304 661 Philadelphia, PA
11167 Mark Rogers f4nt Python/Django developer in the Chicago area with a strong Sys Admin streak. 294 617 Chicago, IL
3538 Django Boston djangoboston Django Boston meetup, organized by @natea, @maxuhl and John Roth. 292 245 Boston, MA
3871 Bojan Mihelac bmihelac web developer. django, react 287 270 46.063093150, 14.515842300
3481 Bas Koopmans baskoopmans Company builder (Concepts, E-commerce, Python, Django), rower, windsurfer & skiër 286 472 Groningen
571 Saku Huttunen sakhuttu CEO, Founder & software developer in @eekuoy. Interests: Technology, IT-business, programming, agile scrum, leadership, startups, python django webdev, etc. 284 838 Oulu, Finland
3194 Stéphane Reynders (Spout) spoutnik Experimented full-stack Web developer. #Python 🐍 & #Django enthusiat http://eaupotable.info/ http://toolki.com/ http://pelletsprice.com/ 272 403 Houyet, Belgique
11673 Chandrashekar J udnahc Technologist, Python Django Enthusiast, Book Worm, Movie & Music Buff, Wanderlust , Polyglot - also have a taste for the simple and uncommon 270 1060 Bangalore
457 Simon Vézina simonvezina Montréal, python/django dev, Fondateur de Tribal Solutions. 268 685 Montréal, Québec
3527 Alex Lemann lemanal Founding member of @CaktusGroup, a NC based Django development shop. 260 749 Durham, NC
6238 TESOBE tesobe We build apps and APIs for a better world! We specialise in open source and open data, Python, Django, Scala, Lift, NoSQL, Postgres etc. 259 461 Berlin, Germany
12689 Stephan Jaekel stephrdev Hi! I'm a web engineer and technology consultant. Living in #Berlin and working with #Python, #Django and databases. Loving #photography 254 285 Berlin, Germany
9386 django hire djangohire Django 252 193
3806 eng. Ilian Iliev Ilian_Iliev Python/Django/Web developer, PhD student, blogger, amateur photograhper, engineer ... 247 344 Sofia, Bulgaria
2048 Zaheer Soebhan freezascom freelance software developer | python, django, pydata/scipy | en/nl/~fr/~de | 243 911 Den Haag (The Hague)
2331 Ulrich Zentis UlrichZentis Python and Django Developer 242 1028 Cologne, Germany
1376 MD. AL-AMIN alaminopu Love C/C++, JavaScript and Python fan, *nix user, PHP and WordPress enthusiast, Laravel and django fan 239 469 Dhaka
1131 Ajinkya Bhosale ajinkya78 Freelance Web Developer. Python, Django, PHP/MySQL , CodeIgniter , Linux System Admin 232 1224 Pune , Maharashtra , India
2211 Pavel Švec PointedHead Entropy fighter. 2CV6 rider. Programmer. Django. C#. Teacher. Three Men in a Boat. Feynman. Weak backhand and similar forehand. 228 815 Prague
3463 SAFEER N safeerpangode Designer, UI Developer and Python/Django Programmer. 224 168
3764 pahko pahko_ Developer at @BuzzFeed, Geek, amateur journalist, #opensource lover, #python #django... my favourite phrase: xD 220 420 New York
6345 Gilang Chandrasa 🇮🇩 gchandrasa Working as Python/Django developer, interested in Android/iOS and React 212 169 Jakarta
1712 DjangoGirlsOXF DjangoGirlsOXF Django Girls is a free one-day workshop that teaches women to program in #Python and #Django. Next event: 6th May 2017 in Summertown, Oxford!! 211 460 Oxford, England
14369 Fabien Schwob fabien_schwob #python / #django developer, wannabe #entrepreneur and #datascientist. Creator of @angry_brewer 210 335 Mulhouse, Alsace
4229 Jason Blum JasonBlum Father of four, honosított állampolgár, Python & Django developer, future builder of @CrowdVote, fan of @DanielDennett & @LFC 208 584 Washington, D.C.
12156 Piotr Maliński riklaunim Python/Django... PHP developer. Astronomy fan. 208 222 Poland
5634 Eugene MechanisM EugeneMechanisM I ❤ nature, music, cats, reading books and off-roading. Sometimes I write code mostly in #Python and use #Django a lot 207 536 Nomad
3295 Rob Berwick robberwick Web developer. Pythonista. Django wrangler. Hackspace advocate. @hackhitchin member. Fan of anything that goes 'beep' in new and unusual ways. Also tea. 206 297 Hitchin
9844 Vicky Tuite vixter55 Hardware related software, veggie gardening, compost, Django, Python, beekeeping 199 381 Bay Area
1989 Mahendra Yadav userimack The Data Guy - Azri Solutions, Previously: GeeksforGeeks, GladEngage Skills: Python, Django, Linux, Vim, Git, AWS, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Boostrap, Docker 192 722 Hyderabad, India
11100 Gary Reynolds goodtune Earl of Gosford. Django developer, Touch & Rugby enthusiast, certified geek and wannabe comedian. 192 287 Australia
2357 Oxygen IO oxygen_io O-IO—a IT services company. #young #innovative #designers #developers #WordPress #Prestashop #NopCommerce #PHP, #MySQL #Python #Django #Javascript, #HTML #CSS 189 696 Dhaka, Bangladesh
11661 John Paulett johnpaulett Python / Django / Healthcare hacker at @montagehealth 187 281 Manhattan, NY
12866 David Danier ddanier German web-developer using PHP, Python, Django, PostgreSQL, ... 187 120 Munich, Germany
9787 Norman J. Harman Jr. njharman dorkbot, refresh, barcamp, devops, django, python, games, dog, geek, dude, metal, norm! 186 151 Austin, TX, USA
975 Konstantin 🇷🇺 kpavlovsky_pro CTO @ ecompilot.ru, 10+y Django/Python experience. Building custom e-commerce solutions and SaaSes for e-commerce. 185 440 Moscow, Russia
2743 Jonathan Ellenberger respondcreate I solve problems with #python (#Django/#Flask). Interests: REST, open source software, building reusable tools, video games, illustration & animation. 184 830 Massachusetts
1861 PyPiglesias PyPiglesias Django Developer in @BeDjango by @Emergya :) Work Hard, Dream Big! 183 372
6904 Jiri Barton lurkingideas Python/Django developer, DevOps 183 227 Prague, Czech Republic
11899 andrew watts andrewwatts python, django, beer, snowboarding, running, bourbon, and whatnot 182 115 Los Angeles
2478 Grant McConnaughey gmcconnaughey Full-stack web developer. Currently in the Python/Django world. Married to @edmcconnaughey. Creator of @LintlyCI. 181 245 Springfield, MO
3881 Parag Thakur paragthakur ceo & co-founder at Xtreme Labz || Mobile Apps development, Python/django Experts 181 534 India
11365 Triangle Django TriDjUG We are a group of fans of the Python based Django web framework. 179 35 Triangle Area, NC
337 Asaduzzaman Sohel Asadlive84 Python/Django Application Developer 177 192 Bagerhat, Bangladesh
1093 Shanki Singh Gandhi shankisg Proud Indian, Programmer, Developer, Technologist, Web, Python, Django 173 185 India
10897 Brodie Rao brodie Hi, I'm Brodie. I hack on Git, Mercurial, Django, and Python. 172 155 San Francisco, CA
13416 Percy Perez percyperez Web Dev @COXMG, Django/Python enthusiast, beer geek @tastybrew, homebrewer. Vamos Barça. 172 283 Eugene, Oregon
3070 Django Birthday djangobirthday July 10th-12th. Django turns 10 years old and we are throwing a birthday party in the town where it was created! 169 62 Lawrence, KS
4878 Florian Demmer fdemmer Python/Django developer, self employed 169 382 Vienna, Austria
6291 20tab 20tab Python/Django devs, makers of UnrealEnginePython, ugly people 163 200 Rome
2896 DEFNA defnado The Django Events Foundation North America is the non-profit behind @djangocon 156 152
6935 Christian Assing chassing Linux, Mac, Python, Django, Sysadmin, DevOps 156 288 Klagenfurt, Austria
9220 Moreno Cunha morenocunha I’m a creative Brazilian technologist, full-stack django/python web developer (+7 years) and researcher. 156 261 Brazil
12918 The REAL djangopony realdjangopony former "My Little Pony" stunt double, django spokesanimal. 155 541 Holywood, CA
9147 Daniel Gerzo dgerzo Yet another FreeBSD developer, also interested in Python and Django. 153 270 Slovakia/Bratislava
1959 Paco Casas phouses_s Software Developer, Android, iOS, Python, Flask, Django, Scala, Node.js 152 1166 Portland, OR
1629 Brecht Donckels brechtdonckels 🇧🇪 Husband. Proud father of Lente and Fiene. Bio-engineer. Researcher@Aquafin. MATLAB. Learning @Python, @Django and @vuejs. 145 903 Belgium
493 Micheal iyanda miyanda000 lead programs at uplift ng, a python programmer, Django, Flask, other skilz include photoshop, blender among others, a tech enthusiast 144 593 Bauchi, Nigeria
290 Dillon Reyna. TheDillonReyna Django Developer. Sr. Web Dev at Mooncoin Entrepreneur. Skill Collector. Stoic. Taken. 143 112 Dallas, TX
2891 a_musing_moose a_musing_moose Python and Django developer. Director of http://www.snowballone.com.au 142 145
3535 #nukoto yaxmokwa Python, Django, MySQL, MongoDB and JavaScript. I am not reeventing the wheel, I am simply building my own versions of things. 138 358 Internet
5140 Antonio Martin amartin_1987 Full stack software engineer specialised in Python and Django. Jerezano living in London. Football player & Runner in my free time. Writing code at IDXtra. 137 322 London
1815 Mammuth mammuth0 Developer: Android, iOS, Web (Python, Django) · Creator of @TankNavigator · Passion for Design, Security and AI 134 628 Bayern, Germany
1595 Prakash kumar Prakashkumar09 *Software Engineer at http://cuemath.com* Python/Django | Algorithms | IOT | Start-up 132 331 Bengaluru, India
4048 evonove evonove We build things using Python, Django and Javascript :: http://github.com/evonove 130 296 Perugia, Italy, World
10844 Chris Schwartz macnpy Mac, iPhone, iPad, Geo, NoSQL, Django, Python and amateur velodrome racer 130 826 Atlanta
14175 Daniel Johansson donnex Code (PHP, Python, Django etc.), FreeBSD and OS X 126 213 Sweden
4815 Adrián Ribao AdrianRibao I'm a django developer since 2007 a sysadmin and I enjoy working in high availability and high performance projects. Now also Elixir, Phoenix and Elm 121 443 Cantabria, Spain
4135 Django Vienna DjangoVienna Exchange of experiences. Django and related topics. Meetings every 6 weeks at Sektor5 120 67 Vienna
12071 just-digital.net just_digital A Django developer in Auckland, New Zealand. Love coding, love coffee, really good at turning coffee into code. 119 249 Teh internets
3864 Joe J Jasinski JoeJJasinski Python/Django Engineer 115 317 Chicago
9499 Herman Pretorius sizeight Python, Django, Bloc Party, gardening, books, hiking. 114 173 South Africa
1486 Django Girls Spokane DjangoGirlsSpo Django Girls is a free one-day workshop that teaches women to program in Python and Django. Our first workshop is on August 12th at @djangocon! 🌲 113 202 Spokane, WA
4645 Brandon Lorenz blorenz Friendly and Energetic. Evangelizing React, Node, Python and Django. Launched some apps. Tooling advocate. 111 175 Columbus, OH
3626 Django Meetup BA DjangoMeetups 109 41
11709 Greg Cook wwwplumber Django and Python Fan. 109 300 United States
12558 Petar Bukvic rope Python/Django Developer @ https://cardforcoin.com & https://foldapp.com/ 101 128 Belgrade, Serbia
850 DjangoGirlsKoforidua djangogirlsKofT #DjangoGirlsKoforidua is a free 1-day workshop that teaches women to program in #Python and #Django. 92 84 Koforidua, Ghana
12643 Yuri van der Meer yvandermeer Amsterdam-based web developer (HTML5/JavaScript, Django) and Fujifilm photographer. Enjoys sport climbing, fixed gear bicycle riding and cooking. 92 167 Edam, Netherlands
3870 Zakatell KANDA zmkanda #python, #django, #devops 89 396 Cebu, Philippines
1418 Sergio Perea 💻 SergioPereaDev Desarrollador o algo. #dev #opensource #python #django #java #javascript #postgresql #vuejs #postgreSql 87 396 Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid
14848 Patrick Taylor patricktaylor Mostly harmless. Django web developer. Dilettante and dabbler at large. 86 701 Halifax, NS, Canada
7161 Wesly WeZzyNL Loves the web, Django, mobile and the always-connected which I've dreamt about since I was a kid on my C64. :) 84 101 Helmond
307 Dev McDev py4on Python, Django, JS, and *nix systems 🐍 81 637
5571 Kal Sze k_sze Python/Django/JavaScript/jQuery/Backbone.js hacker. Groovy and Grails enthusiast. 81 241 Kwai Chung, Hong Kong S.A.R.
2980 Manuel Dominguez batou81 Pythonic Django Developer. Geek in all levels, claimant to the Iron Throne! 80 150
3000 Peter Campbell PeterCampbell_ Django Developer, Python programmer, Java, Linux server configuration, Javascript, JQuery, HTML, CSS, Amazon web services. Online gamer and lover of good food. 80 152 Chester
6702 Li Xiong pairw Game statistician and data guy at Activision, Django/Python developer, awful drummer, niche soccer player, and aspiring filmmaker. 80 114 Redondo Beach, CA
4303 Ada Wright pypikat Python love (Django, Salt, Whoosh…) Non-techy tweets at @Hipikat. 79 313 Perth, Western Australia
7484 M. Fatkhur R mfatkhur I am a Software Developer,always play with .NET/C#/ASP.NET,Python,Javascript,SQL Server,Oracle,some application framework like Django,DNN,etc. 75 213 Jakarta, Indonesia
4945 Jon Danao jondanao Mobile Developer, Django Developer, AWS Fanatic, UI Junkie, Speaker 73 391 Manila, Philippines
4635 Kuba Zarzycki kubazarz Django developer. 68 189 Poland
1661 Oguz Aylanc oguzaylanc Web developer, Python and Django...http://yazar.io 64 131
8137 Robert Myers bob_myers Python/Django/Appengine/pool hustler 64 109 Austin TX
11329 DjangoOKC DjangoOKC Oklahoma City Django & Python User Group 63 30 Oklahoma City, OK
2768 Simpleloop simpleloopcom From Zero To Launch and Beyond! #python #django specialized development in combination with #ios and #android 62 217 Vienna, Austria
5928 Sébastien Riguet sriguet Python/Django and Full Stack developer since 2008. Wine, Whisky, Gardening And Homemade Things 58 172
197 Jamie Janner jamie_janner Python Specialist Recruiter | @digitalAF_ | Co-Host of @DJUGL (Django User Group London) | Sneakers, Streetwear, Vans Enthusiast 57 633 Reading, England
2898 Dave tweet_dav Well, hello there!! #AIESEC. knows a bit of python & django. would follow back. 57 309
4561 PHP and Python PyWebEU Using PHP regularly since the last millennium, and Python (e.g. Django, MoinMoin, Trac) occasionally since about 2006. ~ Open Source - The 4 Freedoms 54 816 Asia & Europe
1016 Hugo hsmett Ingénieur @CentraleMars Dev @Hybird Python & Django lover 46 158 Marseille
10086 OrangutanInteractive oranginteract @tomgruner's consultancy provides services for Docker, AWS Cloud, Python, ElasticSearch, Django, and Javascript 44 82 Olympia and Seattle
12768 Django Geek djangeek sysadm, js, py, sql, nosql, p2p web 42 87 EU
2448 Dima Moroz dimrz python/django developer. obsessed by british accent and music. 40 142 Ukraine, Bila Tserkva
10775 Rajib Chandra Paul rajib_paul Playing with django and android development http://rcpaul.wordpress.com 40 34
8576 3atmospheres 3atmospheres We are a small and creative web development shop with a passion for building exceptional websites. We specialize in Python and Django. 39 118 New York, NY
1654 Martin Sanders msanderscode Django/Python/Full-Stack Developer @ForwardPrt. 38 334 London, England
9979 libsoft libsoft Python Django Javascript C CSS HTML Buddhism Photography Travel 36 273
8017 Albert O'Connor Dev AlbertOConnorWD Web Developer specializing in Django based website and Amazon Web Service deployments. Also see @amjoconn. 34 44 Waterloo, ON
2394 Lasha Gogua Lh4cKg Python/Django Developer 30 142 GE,Tb
4415 Simon Luijk simonluijk Django web developer 27 75 Lieurac, France
4295 jspblm jspblm Web developer, Python, Django and JavaScript programmer 25 149
6620 egoactive egoactive websites, backend and mobile applications. Python - Django - iOS - Java - CMS 25 59 Amsterdam / Groningen
10506 Joeri shalevar Devving in Django for work and fun. Can also be found on the Battlefield. 25 29 In or around Amsterdam, NL
926 うさぎ _dj_usagi_ 新米エンジニアの備忘録。HTML/CSS/JavaScript/Python/ Django /慶應 24 31 東京
4272 CodeDias CodeDais Our passion is to Code and convert ideas into Efficient Applications.. #python #django #OpenSource #solr #mysql #inovators #QA http://Facebook.com/CodeDais 23 81 City of Lakes and Valleys
22 Lief van der Baan liefspace What do you do when you’ve seen a thing or two, in an English country garden? #python #sass #javascript #posh #gis #django #cycling #dnb 22 95 Hay-on-Wye, Wales
6474 Benjamin Roberts bencoded Dad, Co-founder & CTO of Nutrislice, Inc., Django developer, Javascript journeyman, Attorney(ish) 19 30
10261 Shinichi NOMURA snomura_jp Web and smartphone application developper in Japan. And I'm an adult piano beginner. PHP, Python, Django, PostgreSQL, iPhone/iPad, Objective-C, Piano 19 147 Saitama, Japan
2934 extramile.io extramile_io Extramile.io is a python and Django Development and Consultancy Agency. Visit our official website http://www.extramile.io for more information. 18 249 Kenya
1583 Zin Ko Ko Min zinkkmin Full stack developer, jack of all trades, currently on of Python, Django and JavaScript. A Burmese living in Singapore. Avid reader and horrible gamer. 15 117 Singapore
9763 django stack djangostack Documenting my experiences learning Django, and the 132 other things needed to make it work. Hopefully you'll learn from my mistakes. 12 50 Knoxville, TN
4949 AuShadha EMR aushadha_emr AuShadha (औषध): Means medicine in Sanskrit. This is a Open Source Electronic Medical Records (EMR) & Public Health Management System in Django and Dojo Toolkit 10 70 Coimbatore, India
171 Removing Complexity rmcomplexity Removing Complexity from Software Developing/Engineering one post at a time. Currently focusing on Python & Django 8 164 Austin
1560 Akshat Singhal aksh2496 Microsoft Student Partner | Microsoft Insider | Python/Django dev | Rainbow Six: Siege 8 55 New Delhi, India
1368 Red Crow Digital redcrowdigital Digital agency from Sydney, Australia. We specialise in building websites with open source technologies such as Python, Django and WordPress. 6 43 Sydney, New South Wales
1400 Easy Django easy_django Easy Django learn django in easy way.It's a new blog to learn django web development. 0 39 Siliguri, India
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